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Back to School tips When COVID

To alleviate teens’ academic worries, schools can cultivate structure and routine for students as they resume some normalcy.

Social connection and communication between students and teachers should be prioritized, including opportunities for students to express their worries early on. Meeting with guidance counselors for support at the outset of the upcoming school year may help students cope with the transition out of the pandemic.

With the switch back to classroom instruction, schools should also ensure that teachers have the resources they need, including clear administrative guidance, to support students and avoid burnout during this reintegration period.

To get teens excited about the upcoming school year, parents might encourage them to reconnect over the summer with classmates they may have lost touch with during the pandemic. Video chatting with friends may help students reestablish social bonds and increase enjoyment of school once the academic year begins. After all, teens often report that they go to school to be with their friends, and such friendships can help them navigate academic demands and other school-related challenges.